Do you buy for the Groom or the Bride?

We’ve just been invited to a wedding. Of course we know and like the groom, but have never even met the bride. Buying the “correct gift” has already launched a major debate between my husband and me. Surprise! His FAVORITE and most memorable wedding gift were given to us by his best friend … a super cool kite. Yes, a kite that you fly out on the beach. That was our gift. It is still sitting in my Honda mini-van 15 years later!!! He uses it almost every time we venture to the beach.

I think you should buy off the registry . . . it’s what the bride wants (china, crystal, kitchen stuff etc) and they’re setting up a new home. They know what they need and want. Why buy something stupid like a kite!

My husband wants to buy off-the-wall, bazaar gifts that are fun. I can appreciate that but I still believe that a wedding gift should be off the registry. Save the “fun strange” gifts for birthdays and anniversaries.

This guy in my office bought an XM box for his best friends wedding. He thinks like my husband (what a scary thought!)

When someone in my office at got married last year (her 2nd marriage) we gave her $$$$$. She loved it and said “perfect, now I can buy the bed linen that I really wanted.” How in the world would I have known what sheets to buy!

And so the debate continues within our marriage. I will win (I always do) and I think I know what I’m going to buy. The groom is a phenomenal swimmer and swims everyday so I’m going to custom order Ralph Lauren plush monogrammed towels?  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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