Jell-O shots with Vodka

My husband and I attended the 70’s Disco party I wrote about earlier. I wanted to get dressed up, but my conservative boring husband said “no.” Did we ever stand out like a sore thumb! The men were wearing 4 inch platform shoes, wild wigs & sunglasses, with enormous medallions on their chest. We saw women in white go-go boots just below their knees, psychedelic shirts and tight fitting sequined dresses. One guy wore a purple floor length jacket with his high top hat, and escorted his extremely pregnant wife (I thought she was going to deliver right there at the party) wearing the tightest fitting silver mesh spaghetti strap halter top!

We should have bought or rented a “real costume” … it would have been great.

They served ice blue Jell-O-vodka shots, seared tuna with a ginger dressing served over a crisp fried wonton, Twinkies and Ho-Ho’s, cigarette bubble gum, old fashioned Neco candy and gummy worms in all cosmopolitan drinks.

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