Our neighbor had a backyard wedding and didn’t invite us!

I was at my computer Saturday morning, typing my Blog, when I looked out the window and saw a humongous white tent erected in my neighbor’s backyard. Six tables of 10 were set up with gorgeous linen and bows, flowers, etc. Later that afternoon, as my 3 kids and their 2 friends were in my backyard screaming and playing, I heard music playing. I ran outside and saw the wedding processional had begun. I forced my kids inside (out of respect), and we all ran upstairs to watch the ceremony from the window.

Backyard weddings are GREAT! It’s intimate, close friends, not ostentatious. And quite economical. Think of it, having a wedding at a ritzy hotel costs an easy $35,000 - $75,000 for 150 people. You’re forced to pay outrageous prices for food, liquor and room rental. Inexpensive wedding ideas are plentiful if you are on a budget.

But a backyard wedding gives you unlimited flexibility and options. You can interview and select from multiple caterers, you can buy all your own liquor, wine and champagne from wholesale shopping clubs like Costco, or get wines delivered with personalized labels with EACH bottle having a private label printed “In honor of xyz’s Wedding and the date”.

You might be wondering “why” we weren’t invited, it’s simple … we don’t get along ever since their 10 year old son punched my 9 year old daughter. When we confronted our neighbor, there were no apologies offered. Oh well, we had fun watching without having to buy a gift!

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