Proper Tennis Attire

How important is “dressing the part” while playing a sport just for fun? I just finished playing a delightful tennis game with a girlfriend. I wore a flattering white tennis top trimmed in yellow with the latest trend in tennis shorts/skirts – called skorts (spandex shorts that hold tennis balls great with a skirt over the shorts.)

My partner wore Capri pants!

Who played better? She did! Does it really matter that she didn’t “dress the part” at our fancy tennis club? Did she look odd wearing Capri’s? Did she care? That’s what’s so great about my friend. She has the self-esteem and self-confidence to wear what she wants without regard to what others think. I really admire that quality in her.

However, according to many including Ericka Basile from Lifestyle Magazine, “playing a particular sport in the wrong attire could very well affect one's game and performance.”

I say BULL. Though I do love the way a sexy tight tennis dress makes me feel. Check it out ... the normal price $70.00, on sale for $9.99 at or this awesome hot pink tennis skort for only $29.95, regular price $45.00.

A Perfect Match Tennis Apparel states at the top of their website “Look Good. Play Well” implies that you have to dress appropriately. Contemporary vendors of tennis clothing, such as Chicks Rule!, market clothes to hip young women that are into being active, staying healthy by playing tennis, and looking good in day-glo tennis outfits with fashionable ethnic inspired tops and tie-dyed court skirts.

But I still say “You GO Girl” to my friend who has the confidence to wear whatever the hell she wants . . . and still wins the game!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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