Shopping for a cocktail dress

Floor length, mid calf or above the knee? Such decisions to make when buying a dress for a special occasion. My smart advice to you … it’s better to always dress up and be a bit on the “fancy” side rather than be underdressed.

Ladies – figure out your most flattering part of your body and try to buy a dress that accentuates the positives, hides the negatives.

If you’ve got thick, bulging thighs and a small petite waist, then look for a dress that is very tight fitting at the waist with a flowing and quiet generous skirt.

If you have a gorgeous back … show it off with a revealing open back... better yet with spaghetti straps flowing across your back and shoulders.

Saggy breasts – make sure you have a dress where you can where a full coverage support bra. If you have rounded, perky breasts … show them off with plunging cleavages and push-up bras that add extra curves.

Color choices make a big difference too. Wear the colors that YOU feel look best on you. Stay away from dull, drab fabrics for the evening. Glimmer and shine, velvets and brocade, flowing silks and chiffon are always good choices for evening affairs and functions. Stay away from boring cottons and certainly NEVER polyesters.

Price is also a consideration. If you buy a dress that you feel you can wear to many functions, then it’s OK to spend a lot on a dress. But on the other hand, if you feel you can ONLY wear it once, or feel the dress is so “faddish” then don’t waste a lot of money. Discount/clearance items in catalogs and department stores may be your best bet.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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