Should a kid in Elementary school have an iPod?

My daughter who is in Elemenatry school has a birthday coming up. All she wants is an iPod. Not because she is addicted to music, but rather because she’s the ONLY one in her class that doesn’t have one.

I have very mixed feeling about this. It’s not the cost, but rather the principal. Are kids getting too spoiled these days? Too much pressure to “fit in”. Fitting in is one of the most difficult issues pre-teen and teen students face. A great book I found, called Fitting In - Dealing with Peer Pressure is useful, and it even won some fancy awards.

However, what really works with kids are basic lessons on sharing, caring, and giving. In our house we talk a lot about charity and how lot’s of kids have no money to buy a single toy. I hear my kids complain “I have nothing to do” yet the playroom is filled with board games, puzzles, art projects … you name it. When my kids really get under my skin I say “OK, Let’s get a big black garbage bag and we’ll empty out the playroom and give away all the toys to kids who have none.”

Miraculously they find something to do.

So should I buy my child an iPod? We can afford it, and she rarely (if ever) asks for gifts. Maybe I’m just trying to justify spoiling my kid further.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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