Gift Cards – How are they saving me any money?

I just received a $25.00 FREE Saks Fifth Avenue gift card in the mail . . . my reward for being a loyal customer. It says “Ease into something spectacular from our fresh collections and let us treat you to a little something extra.” It looks good, but when reading the fine print, I have to spend $100 or more with a given date deadline to get my $25.00 off.

Is this really valuable, when I never planned on shopping anyway? Now I feel “guilty” and wonder if I would be a fool to pass up a $25.00 gift certificate. But I was never planning on buying soon. Should I spend the $100 to save $25, or simply save my money?

My warning … BEWARE. If you don’t need to buy something then save your money. These direct mail come-ons actually cost you more than you think.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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