And the Real Winner Is . . .

Spira Footwear tried to compete head on with Nike and Reebok. CEO of Spira Footwear David Krafsur said he would offer $1 million to a runner that wins the Boston Marathon while wearing its shoes. The only drawback is that the runner might not be able to keep the title since track's governing bodies have not approved the spring-laced shoes.

Place my order TODAY! This is my recommendation as a “runners dream.” It’s all about technology, inventions, and my belief “May the best equipped athlete win!”

When inventors took our society from horse-and-carriages to the Ford Model T automobile, many people were weary at first. But as time passed, it becaome a more efficient means of tranpsortation.

If a few “extra springs” can create a faster runner … then we should all applaud CEO Krafsur’s for his vision, creativeness and chutzpah!

And what a fabulour PR stunt it was! Though the winner of the Boston Marathon did NOT wear the Spria shoe, it really doesn’t matter. The FREE public relations Spira has obtained from this marketing ploy is worth signficantly more than what he gambled on spending. Articles and interviews were featured in Forbes, eye witness news, Boston Herald, Pittsburgh live, Coloradoan, PR News Wire and more.

From a marekting and entreprenuer analysis … Krafsur is the real winner!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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