Call it what it really is!

Sorry, but Word Of Mouth (WOM) marketing, as mentioned in my previous blogs, is a “new age” term for combining Marketing Director/Public Relations Director/ or Corporate Communications Specialist and I think it somewhat comical that the new “buzz word” is Word of Mouth.

Take, for example, Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba’s latest posting, that spoke about how Foldera just filled a new job position as Vice President of Word-of-Mouth Marketing. Click further and you will read the following job description
“. . . responsible for the company's word-of-mouth marketing efforts, including contributing to the company blog, injecting customer feedback into the service, following the buzz in the blogosphere, and engaging with customers and thought leaders about how to help address current and future customer needs.”

Excuse me, but this sure sounds like a typical job description of a PR or Marketing person.

Another example is Dow Jones, in New Jersey, posting an ad for a Marketing Manager for Promotions and Buzz Marketing, with the following job description

“Create online and offline promotions using buzz marketing techniques to drive subscriber acquisition and usage of the company's various media properties. “

Guys, really, you can call it what you want but why not just call it Marketing and be done with it. On your resume it all looks the same, and anyone with brains can read a resume and say to themselves “Oh, another marketer!”  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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