Chihuly like you’ve never seen him

Imagine 25 acres of a tropical botanical garden interspersed with over $5 million worth of hand blown glass! Each piece of glass blown and placed outside, among the gardens, to appear like it came from nature. I just had the opportunity to tour South Florida’s Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens, featuring internationally renowned Dale Chihuly. After the tour, of course, I had to shop … I entered the Gallery so excited about buying an original Chihuly, only to find the cheapest one was selling for $4,500.00 (about 8 inches in diameter). Mark my words … it will be worth double this in 5 years!

What really amazed me as I was touring and learning about the “magic” of Chihuly is that his basic premise applies to most of corporate America and certainly to His concept (and ours) is that one who works alone often accomplishes much LESS than working cooperatively within a team.

Here's how Chihuly brings teamwork into artwork "He has revolutionized the Studio Glass movement, by expanding its original premise of the solitary artist working in a studio environment to encompass the notion of collaborative teams and a division of labor within the creative process . . . Chihuly's practice of using teams has led to the development of complex, multipart sculptures of dramatic beauty that place him in the leadership role of moving blown glass out of the confines of the small, precious object and into the realm of large-scale contemporary sculpture."

Glass is one of the oldest forms of art and dates back to about 3500 years ago. But I can promise you you’ve never seen anything like this!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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