Cleavage or No-Cleavage?

Is it appropriate to wear to a wedding a drop-dead gorgeous dress with serious cleavage showing? My husband seems to think it’s OK. I was a bit nervous. Not because it didn’t’ look great (it’s amazing what Victoria Secret’s Push-up bras can do for you after breastfeeding 3 kids!) but because I didn’t want to “take attention away” from the bride.

How stupid I was to even wonder about this. Who am I kidding?

Me … at the holding age of 25 (give or take a few decades) was on the dance floor next to a 28-year-old bride!!!! Who just happened to have won several Olympic medals for swimming, and who just happened to be a commercial jet aviation pilot. Well excuse me … my cleavage was no match for her brains and beauty!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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