Did I cut class at I.U. when they taught teledildonics?

I must have missed this class when I attended Indiana University. According to Julia Heiman, director of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction at Indiana University, Bloomington, and a field dubbed “teledildonics" allows people at two remote computers to manipulate electronic devices such as a vibrator at the other end for sexual purposes. When America's top sex researchers gathered recently to discuss the next decade in their field, some envisioned a future in which artificial sex partners could cater to every fantasy. Heiman stated that “What is very likely to be present before 2016 would be a multi-sensual experience of virtual sex."
And to think that I studied marketing, accounting and biology! WOW! I must be a prude or something. I think this could have a far reaching and NEGATIVE impact on our society. Call me an old married mom with ethics, religion and pride but this cannot be a good thing to teach our kids. The possibility of developing erotic materials for yourself that would allow you to create a partner of certain dimensions and qualities further typifies the problem with our current culture … to create the perfect body, the perfect spouse, the perfect orgasm! Why do you think anorexia is prevalent among children today? Everyone tries to be like models that have been airbrushed or movie stars that have fantasy weddings.

I say … get back to reality and realize that the more people who rely on technology for pleasure -- the LESS social they become, the less able they are to interact and the more reclusive we all become!

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