Music to my Ears!

Music used to be an important part of every kids curriculum. Since the budgetary cuts in the No Child Left Behind bill, schools throughout the country have drastically cut or completely eliminated music from the curriculum. I think this is AWFUL.

Therefore, I’m doing something about it! I got involved in a local Philharmonic board with the total intent being on influencing where discretionary dollars can be spent to promote in-school music education. This past week, we had a 4-piece percussion ensemble come to my kids’ school. They were awesome! The kids heard steel drums, vibraphones, regular drums, base, and about 10 other hand0-held instruments. Heck, they even demonstrated how music could be made from a wastepaper basket and an old aluminum-folding chair!

Even Brian Bailey in his blog sited Condoleezza Rice on Piano as stating that she was classically trained in piano, and makes a point of regularly meeting and playing Chamber Music in the apartment.

As parents, we must get involved.

Stanford University research has found for the first time that musical training improves how the brain processes the spoken word, a finding that researchers say could lead to improving the reading ability of children who have dyslexia and other reading problems.
The study is the first to show that musical experience can help the brain improve its ability to distinguish between rapidly changing sounds that are key to understanding and using language.

The research also eventually could provide the "why" behind other studies that have found that playing a musical instrument has cognitive benefits. "What this study shows, that's novel, is that there's a specific aspect of language ... that's changed in the minds and brains of people with musical training," said researcher John Gabrieli, a former Stanford psychology professor now at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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