Self Inflicted Torture

Imagine this: I’m lying on a table with 2 needles in my forehead, 2 needles on each side of my nostrils, 1 needle at the base of my throat, 2 needles in the creases of my arms, 2 needles in each wrist, and 2 needles in my ankles. Then imagine a little man turning these needles every five minutes to inflict MORE pain, and when I commented “I thought acupuncture wasn’t suppose to hurt!” he responded with a laugh and said “that’s what all the American doctors want you to believe, but without pain…. There’s no gain” then walked out of the room, came back and turned each needle again as I winced in pain.

After chronic bronchitis, chronic sinus infections, sinus surgery (where the doctors basically Router Rootered my and drilled both cavities of my sinuses to prevent recurring infections) … I’m once again plagued this year with my third (3rd) sinus infection (and it’s only April, so do the math … 3 infections in 4 months!)

And so now I begin my trials and tribulations with acupuncture … as the doctor said… with my medical history “You won’t be an easy case but we’ll do our best.”

Stay tuned for the results. If anyone has any stories they can share (good or bad) I’d love to hear from you!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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