How does Seinfeld do it?

How can Jerry be so incredibly funny … naturally? Leave it to me, last minute, preparing my speech for the huge annual catalog & direct/multi-channel marketing conference held in Chicago next week. I’ve been told I have to “add humor” to my speech. Well I am NOT a naturally funny kind of gal. Sure, if you ask my kids I can be funny (especially when I strut around the kitchen making ungodly sounds and acting like a complete doofus) but other than that, this speech is taking some serious thought and research.

I must admit … I’m excited to be speaking. I just gave a totally different kind of speech this week. One that often can be much more challenging. It was in front of 35 “friends/acquaintances” that I interact with on a relatively regular basis.

You see, I was given an incredible opportunity last summer to visit Tblisi, Georgia (the Former Soviet Union) and Israel. In exchange for my going, I am asked/honored to share my knowledge, wisdom and insight in Florida with people who have never personally seen poverty, people starving, people with lack of medicine or food, nor proper clothing or education. You might say I’m a philanthropic fundraiser. It’s nerve racking getting up in front of friends and asking them for money … lot’s and lot’s of money. I think the upcoming speech at the DMA will be easier (I don’t know anyone).

But if YOU are reading this blog and attending, please come say HI and let me know what you think. I’m speaking on Tuesday at 2:15. The talk is about “What Worked, What Didn’t” and is being led by Herschel Gordon Lewis. Me, well, I’ll be talking about what I sleep, breath, dream about and know … sex (just kidding)!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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