Jimmy Hoffa--let him rest in peace...or pieces

Where's JIMMY HOFFA? Who the heck cares !!!!!!

Well, now that the search for Jimmy Hoffa’s remains has been officially called off (at least at the Michigan farm), does the government feel just a little foolish spending one quarter of a million dollars ($250,000) in yet another fruitless effort to find Jimmy Hoffa? And, this is just one of many, many fruitless efforts.

Probably not! But just think how that money could have been spent—toward rebuilding the levies in New Orleans, helping the homeless, protecting our environment, educating our children. Of course, this is just the latest in a long list of fruitless searches (always based on “credible” information). What, after 31 years is the big deal? There are so many missing children, as well as adults, whose families have been waiting for years to find out what has happened.

I realize the FBI wants to “get their man”, but I urge you fellow bloggers to unite and tell the government to stop wasting our tax payers money!!! Let some archeologist find Jimmy Hoffa in some dig.

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