Mix and Match Swimsuits

Even though I’m a happily married,heterosexual … when I look at women wearing the itsyiest bitsiest bikini’s . . . I am not “inspired by travels to various exotic reaches of the planet, from the geometric designs of the Mediterranean to the earthy-neutral palette of Africa; colorful springle-sprangle detailing of India to the palm prints of Polynesia,” as listed in OndadeMar's swimsuit collection. Granted, the marketing executives are attempting to create an entire swimwear line based on taking the reader through travels, but let’s get real . . . when I look at these incredibly perfect, airbrushed models wearing a couple of threads and listen to steel drums playing music – I think of sexuality and only dream of looking like them.

Take for example : OndadeMar Love Bikini from the Mediterranean Collection, $132 from the Mediterranean Collection – you must be a size ZERO or 2 to look like that. Granted, there are hundreds of thousands of women who can pull it off . . . my personal feeling is “go for it.” If you have it- flaunt it.

But for some of us who have already given birth to children, breast-fed and gained just a few extra pounds, my advice is to check out Eddie Bauer’s swimsuit collection. Eddie Bauer’s marketing executives are BRILLIANT.

They allow woman to shop by shape or mix and match tops and bottoms (different sizes is OK) to create the bathing suit you want. They offer suits that minimize waistlines, chest or hips. Others allow you to enhance waistline, overall balance or sizes 16W-24W. Plus, you can save 20% off the purchase of your next swimsuit!

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