No-Pocket Suits Cause Chaos

Recently I went shopping for two (2) new business suits. After all, I had to look my best at the DMA conference … I was speaking in front of an audience. So I bought two suits, long wasted (as I’m very tall and look horrific in those suit jackets that come just to the waist). I loved the fabric, the look, the price was right, so I bought both. Wam bam and I was out the door.

What an idiot I was, did I even consider pockets? Imagine being in the McCormick Conference Center
(a measly 2.2 million square feet of exhibit space, 1.6 million square feet all on one level, making it the nation's largest convention center). Me, I’m carrying my purse, my conference bag overflowing with give-always and junk and tons of papers, and suddenly a president of a large catalog company asks me for my business card.

Well hello… I don’t have a single pocket, not in my pants, not in the inside panel of my jacket, not on the outside of my jacket. So what do I do … I set my 5 pound conference tote bag on the floor, unzip my purse, and then rummage (and I do mean rummage) through the lipstick, pens, palm pilot, cell phone and dirty Kleenex looking for a business card to hand the President.

What a complete pain in the neck!

Designers --- take a hint, woman executives need pockets just like men’s suits. I will guarantee that not a SINGLE man’s suit has ever been manufactured or produced without a pocket.

I should have bought this stunning Tweed suit , or this Brocade suit or this linen jacket with coordinating pants.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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