Oprah Winfrey should try natural skincare products

The New York Times recently stated that Oprah Winfrey has the same effect on beauty and anti-aging products as she does books: if she recommends a title, it becomes a bestseller. Now Winfrey is hyping Thermage, and driving 10% – 14% of people who visit the site after seeing an "Oprah" episode end up visiting a doctor's office to have a facial procedure, at an average cost of $3,500 . . . This is crazy!!! Mark my words (and I didn’t need to go to medical school and become a plastic surgeon specializing in face lifts to figure this out ) but good old DAILY cleansing routines every night before bed and every morning is all it takes, and for a fraction of the cost.

All day we walk around with air pollution, make-up, sweat, and food dribbling out of our mouths, hands touching keyboards and then suddenly rubbing your hands on your cheeks … it’s disgusting what our face encounters each day! Wash daily with wholesome natural skincare products, put on either a good moisturizer or cream at night, and you will be just beautiful … the way God intended you on looking.

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