Penis’ Cause Hearing Loss

It ranges between 10 – 85% hearing loss, but mark my words. . . it scientifically can be proven among ALL men.

Wednesday I specifically say to my husband, “I want to buy your mother flowers for Mother’s Day. ProFlowers is having a great special and the deadline is today at noon.” My husband comments, “She won’t like flowers, find something else.” The phone rings and I’ve lost his attention.

Fast forward to tonight, Thursday (at 11:15 pm) and I just return home, very late, from my book club meeting (we call ourselves The Literary Luscious Ladies). I go upstairs, state how I’m so pissed that I never ordered the flowers for Mother’s Day like I wanted to yesterday, because after having been awake 3+ hours with 1 sick kid in the middle of the night, schlepping another to karate, another to tennis, then back to basketball, baths, dinner, showers, homework, then my book club meeting … I now have run out of time for Mother’s Day orders to be shipped out-of-state.

My charming, attentive husband says, “When is Mother’s Day, isn’t it the last weekend of May?”

Ladies, he has a mother, a stepmother, a mother-in-law – and a wife that is a mother! How many newsletters and multiple email solicitations and direct advertising have occurred in the last 2 weeks reminding everyone of Mother’s Day???????

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