Why are board meetings generally boring?

Having just attended a monthly non-profit board meeting, comprised of executives from all walks of life (lawyers, doctors, real estate developers, insurance executives, marketing & advertising executives, Internet executives . . . you get the picture), it still amazes me how 40+ people can act like nothing but robots all nodding their heads in simple agreement.

Sure, in my 15+ years of community involvement and being on various boards, I have witnessed a few juicy meetings where gentlemen scream and come close to having a fistfight. But the vast majority is dull, uneventful and boring.

Why? I’ll tell you … the real work of a Board is accomplished during committee meetings, with painful hours of debate and analysis. By the time a committee presents it’s report to the general board… the decision is all but made. The real action is in the committee process. I’ve decided this year to pick a committee that interests me. There is nothing more frustrating to me than rubber-stamping polices and motions. I want to get me feet-wet, get in the middle of a good ole’ fashioned fight … and see the tensions rise!

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