Why are relationships so difficult?

My husband tells me NOT to buy him anything for his birthday because he wants to pick everything out himself. So what does he do… he orders a TON of gifts for himself via catalogs (of course!) and has them shipped to our house. He then hands me this enormous box, tells me to wrap them and then says … and I quote “Have the kids wrap these so they can give them to me. And don’t you dare buy anything else!”

I learned my lessons over the past 10+ years of marriage … he HATES everything I buy for him. So I said “fine” and guess what ladies … I bought him the big donut (as we say in our household) he got nothing. He even got a birthday card, which was in the drawer for 2 years. Was he PISSED! Oh my gosh… he’s still fuming. I have decided, ladies, that we’re damned if we do, and damned if we don’t. I just can’t win.

Me, on the other hand ... loves surprises and especially LOVES gifts. The more unique-- the better.

Keeping happily married is no easy trick. But for me, I really look forward to surprising the man I love with something that comes from MY heart. Something that expresses my love for him, something that I hope/think he will enjoy … watching the look of surprisement when he opens a gift, not knowing what’s inside. I feel like our lives these days are so monotonous … the same car pools with the kids, the same basketball games, the same trips to the grocery stores, the same routine to and from work, the same old, same old, same old. I think being surprised, once in a while, is important. It keeps the pizzazz alive in a marriage. Instead, once again, he had to be in control of everything … even down to his own damn birthday present. So I ask you fellow bloggers … what should I have done?

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