What horrific lipstick are you wearing?

My husband rarely notices anything. I even have to nudge him at the beach to notice topless woman basking in the sun. But the other night, we’re rushing frantically to get out to meet another couple for dinner and he turns to me and says, “What horrific lipstick are you wearing?”

It made me stop and realize it’s time for me to update my look for the summer. According to Oprah Winfrey, “Coral is in this spring for women of all ages. 'O' magazine trumps it as the perfect shade when pink feels cliche & red is just too vampy. The deal with coral is to stay away from mattes & opt instead for glosses & lipsticks that you apply with your finger (the stick itself can make the color too heavy). You want it to look as if you just ate a piece of fruit, according to 'O'. Okay then! P.S. Coral looks especially great with a tan. And try it on your toes. All soft tones seem to be the “in” shades today, but it’s fun to change colors and wear what you like.

Though I love and cherish what Oprah says, I personally HATE the color coral on me, for me bronze is the way to go. A sexy white French manicure and pedicure will look great with ANY color, but if you choose to have color on your toes and nails, try to finding really gorgeous lipsticks that have matching nail polish.

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