Sudoku & Kakuro Craze – Get You & your Kids HOOKED!

I’m in the Indianapolis airport wondering aimlessly with boredom, popping into shops, and I spot a bookstore with an enormous display of SUDOKU books and puzzles. I’ve heard of it, but never really paid any attention. As I’m leafing through a book, a pleasant and bubbly salesperson approaches and begins to describe the game to me.

I’m hooked … I buy several books and plan on giving them to my kids as presents.

When I give the present to my oldest daughter she replies “everyone in class already knows how to play” and she grabs the book and begins to literally amaze me with her logic and skill. Parents … take heed … this is 10 thousand times better for your kids to get hooked on than Game boys and iPods.

Shopping gone mad … Japanese magazines consisting entirely of Sudoku puzzles are said to sell six hundred thousand copies a month. Nearly every daily newspaper in London is publishing one or more Sudoku puzzles, and as recently as yesterday, USA Today Newspaper announced that they will be featuring daily Sudoku puzzles.

I also bought a newer game called Kakuro. Like Sudoku, Kakuro is a grid puzzle using numbers. Unlike Sudoku, solving requires actually adding and subtracting. Kakuro is a logic puzzle in which the object is to narrow down the possibilities for each square until you find the one that is correct. It was introduced in Japan more than twenty years ago, but only in 2005 it was introduced in Britain, which is now featured in several best-selling books.

Summertime boredom for kids – the trick it to keep their math skills sharp. Every kid should be attempting Kakuro (what better way to practice logic, adding and subtracting – all in a game!)

There are several Sudoku Board Games, and many many puzzle books –easy to carry in the car, a bus or to take with you on the go.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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