Summer birthday gifts are fun to buy

I have a friend who is in her 40’s and her birthday is approaching (which one I don’t know and she’s not telling). Getting an appropriate gift is daunting because she has everything – and I do mean everything. So I ask myself “What does she like to do?”

Swimming – loves it and blew me away when she told me she swam 70 lentghts (35 laps) equaling 1 mile. I’d be dead if I attempted that. She basically lives in the pool, so I might get her a relaxing Hawaiian Club Lounge chair, complete with places to hold frozen daquiries and a great deal -- $32.95 and FREE shipping.

Tennis -- she ALSO beats me, relentlessly. Her forearm is a killer (but my backhand is on target 99.99%). We always laugh and wonder why we couldn’t just miraculaously become one. Anyway, I could buy her a short sleeve polo shirt for tennis for $29.50..

Biking – call her Lance Armstrong … she bikes miles and miles, and between us, I can’t stand her ugly helmet (it’s black and BORING). I think I’ve decided, I’m going to buy her a stylish new wedgewood blue HELMET

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