Dishonest Businessman Hijacks Domain Names

I am PISSED! Rarely within my blog do I talk about negative items. Shopping is my passion, hence … Confessions of a Shopaholic. But I still have other passions, and let me tell you—I’m passionate about providing my children with musical culture. That’s why I became involved in the Weston Philharmonic Society (WPS)

And NOTHING infuriates me more than sneaky politics and competitors trying to “crush” our philanthropic attempts.

Get this, this year I’ve been nominated as the Executive Vice President for Membership. I decided (given that I own an Internet company) that I think the WPS should have a website. Hence, I secure several bids from outside consultants to build, design and operate our website. I immediate authorize the firm to buy our domain name.

Guess what… a conniving, arrogant and ruthless competitor decides to BUY our name. Not just one name, but the org, .net, .com, and then also the shortened version of our name, they bought the .org and .net. FIVE (5) names in total that have NOTHING to do with their own chamber orchestra.

Ha Ha ---- they screwed up and forgot to buy the .com. I’m at the airport, offering my personal AMEX card to quickly secure the ONLY name remaining.

What is wrong with people? I know exactly what their intent was … to capture our traffic, hijack it and point it to their own competing website. How dare them!!! Already, action is underway to regain our rightful non-profit names.

And all I want to do is provide for in-school educational programs and musical culture to Weston. I’d love to know what YOU think I should do.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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