No, you can't have it

It’s a double edged sword – on one hand, I can’t wait to get my kids back into school … no more whining during the summer “I don’t have anything to do,” “I’m bored, it’s too hot outside,” “I just want to watch TV.”

On the other hand, as a parent, I dread the car pools, homework, deadlines, studying for tests, special help with book reports, school projects, etc.

But one thing we, as parents, all share is the dread of shopping for back-to-school supplies and uniforms.
As a mother of 3, I have found the ultimate answer!

#1 – Don’t take your kids shopping and don’t allow them ANY say in picking things out! The other day I was shopping for groceries and I saw the clerks setting up the back to school supply case. I was like a vulture, pecking feverishly through the boxes, yet to be placed on the shelf … until I found 3 rolling backpacks with 3 matching colored insulated lunchboxes. In less than 5 minutes, 3 kids had backpacks & lunchboxes, which shared my shopping cart with milk and eggs. No hassles, no fights, no screaming, “I want this one, I want that one.” And most of all … I saved time, $$$ and headaches.

#2 – Order basic supplies on-line and get FREE shipping delivered right to your door. How simple could this be? I called my kid’s school and asked the secretary to fax to my office (here at the 3 lists of supplies needed for each grade. I then went on-line to Staples and within 25 minutes had EVERYTHING all 3 kids need for school, and I never left my chair, never waited in line and never had 3 kids scurrying around grabbing stuff that they don’t need. I bought glue sticks, notebooks, composition books, duo-toned 2 pocket folders, pencils, erasers, pens, rulers, scissors, etc etc etc.

#3 – Invest in top-quality shirts which all your kids can grow into, and that will wash 300X. I LOVE Target and Wal-Mart, but let’s face it, after years and years of buying cheap, inexpensive polo uniform shirts … they fall apart and look like crap after 50 washings. Invest in top quality shirts that can be passed on to your younger kids. I like Eddie Bauer and Lands End and I love the dark colors (our school let’s you pick navy, hunter green or white.) Invariably the white gets too many stains that simply won’t bleach out.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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