I just had to buy this sexy swimsuit

I can’t believe school starts in 3 weeks! Our school district sucks by starting on August 14th. It’s as though; why not rob our kids of their childhood pleasures!

Anyway, I was at the beach this weekend and outside every shop were the sexiest, cutest bikinis and one-piece bathing suits – on sale 75% off! Being the shopper that I am, I had to buy 4 bikinis. There was this one that had navy blue bottoms with white trim, and then the bikini top was red & white on one breast, and solid blue on the other. It caught my attention because it did NOT look at all like July 4th swimwear (which I think is so stupid to buy a swimsuit and only wear it 1 day out of the year!)

So what did I do, I looked at my wonderful husband (who was carrying the wallet – I left mine at the house) and said, “But honey, it’s 50% off which means we’ll really save $$ in the long run.” Ladies … it works every time.

My secret -- just make sure you NEVER cut the tags off because 9 months from now, when I open up my summer wardrobe dresser draws and find brand new swimsuits, shorts and sundresses – never worn with the tags still on—I makes me feel like a million bucks (having only spent half of it)! I love the feel of having an entirely new wardrobe. I find that most summer styles (especially bathing suits) can be worn from year to year without anyone knowing any different. Unlike fall fashions with suits, dresses or jeans which are much more important to be “in-style” with the latest trends. For shopping on-line, I love the deals at Carabella (Free Shipping on orders over $100) and I also love the summer dresses at Chadwicks of Boston.

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