Mr. Stud, himself, is jealous

In a million years, I would not have expected Mike to be jealous. Mike works with us here at, and has for some time now. He puts on a good act, by God, and attempts to act so cool, so “I could care less,” especially when it comes to relationships. Personally, I live vicariously through some of his amazing escapades.

But the other day, he told me a story that had my inside gut aching from laughter. Mr. Cool went to the bar with Tony, a really good-looking hunk (so I’m told). Tony is built with a 6 foot 5 frame, blond hair, a muscle builder with not an inch of body hair visible. They were at this bar together, and the women were swarming over Tony. It wasn’t even 9:30 pm and a woman approaches Tony, jumps on top of the bar, spreads her legs around him and starts to do a modified strip-tease dance on the bar. She then proceeds to tuck her phone number into her jeans, just below her navel, and encourages Tony to take her number.

As the story is told to me, Mike just stands there, drooling, and can’t believe what has just happened. It goes to show, male models get a rise from jealous men as well as sexy ladies. A few minutes later, a gorgeous blond comes up to Mike, and starts talking to him. He’s starting to feel better, beginning to think that his recent diet and exercise program is working, when within 10 minutes the blond asks, “So, is this your friend? Can you introduce me?” Mike is PISSED! He’s fuming, and asks this dumb blond (who probably is very smart) “So what, you’ve been talking to me just to get to my friend?”

Poor Mike, just when he thought he might get lucky.
The saga continues (as I’m chuckling to myself), as Mike begins to tell me about their adventures at the beach. This really peaks my attention, as I listen to Mike describe Tony’s pecks, his glistening tanned body, his bold and muscular featurebeach picture.jpg
in a bathing suit, etc etc etc. Every head turned as they walked up and down the beach, drinks were bought all day for them, woman with #10 bodies literally throwing themselves at Tony.

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