Open mouth … insert foot

After 16 years of knowing someone, and not seeing him for a few years, I guess it wasn’t politically correct to say, “Hey, you look shorter.” What the hell was I thinking?

Ok Leslie, I don’t know what happened, it just “came out of my mouth.” I totally insulted my friend. And I didn’t mean to. Thank God, he will forgive me, as I was the one who introduced him to his wife, and now they have 3 kids, are happily married and doing well in his forties.

You know how, with some people, you automatically feel right at ease? So comfortable, so close, such fond memories, such a long standing friendship… that no matter how much time has elapsed since you last hugged you feel as though you can say anything. My case in point.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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