The Customer is NOT always right, but 90% is right

I am in total agreement with Alexander Kjerulf, Chief Happiness Officer of when he states that the customer is NOT always right – but I believer 90% of the time they are right.

Let me give you two 1st hand examples. I’m staying in Cape Canaveral for my daughter to attend the Kennedy Space Camp. The hotel puts us right next to the elevator, and my young children and I can’t sleep because, low and behold, 35 screaming, obnoxious teenagers check-IN at 10:00 PM (way past my kid’s bedtime) and we have to wake up at 6:00 AM to register for her first day of camp. I called downstairs to complain at 10:30 pm, then again at 10:55 pm, then again at 11:30 pm. Now I’m PISSED beyond belief. My daughter who will be attending camp is still up and I’m furious. I put my sweats on and go downstairs to bitch like hell. My only solace … you may speak with the general manager in the morning.

Fast forward to the next day … we have a new room on a different floor; the manager apologized profusely and told me that I would have first pick at available rooms. She went further to tell me that she would personally call the “chaperones of the high school basketball team" and states that "if rambunctiousness continues, they will be evicted by the sheriffs office." Will I stay here at this hotel again? You better believe it. This is my example of good customer service.

Example #2: My daughter last week was registered to attend basketball camp. Upon registering her, I “specifically” asked how many girls to boys would be in the camp, as it was co-ed teams. Upon registration I was firmly told 50%/ 50%. Guess what, 1st day of camp; I pick up my daughter only to see her head buried in her folded arms, CRYING!

Apparently she was it, 1 girl) with 8 boys (not a good scenario). Out of 75 boys in the entire camp, there were 8 girls. Not what I would consider a 50%/ 50% split. I immediately insisted on speaking with the OWNER (not the coach who let her simply cry, alone, at the end of a table). The owner apologized and said that tomorrow he would pull the 8 girls, create 1 “girls” team and that specific drills would be created just for the girls. He went further to state that if I still was not happy, I could get my $$$ returned, in full. I like this man, I now like his camp, and will definitely continue to send my son.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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