Excuse me … could you rephrase that please!

Effective communication and management skills, especially as an owner or manager of a company, is one of the most difficult, yet important skills to master. Yada yada yada …

We all have heard the above statements hundreds of times. But how do you REALLY implement these skills? How can a manager internalize this and make it part of his/her busy hectic frantic schedule?

Below are 3 sure fire techniques that will improve your communication and management skills and help make you a more respected and effective manager.

#1: Someone is telling you something. Pause 3 seconds, count in your head 3 seconds, and identify the MAIN point of what they are saying/asking. Repeat the MAIN POINT in your head. If you “hear it wrong” and begin to address that person, you risk going off on a tangent regarding the wrong topic. You end up frustrating the other person. You end up giving the wrong facts to support your answer.

#2: Before giving the person a response to either his/her question or statement, rephrase out loud what you think and confirm the question. If you are not sure, rephrase it and ask “Is this what you are referring to …”

#3: Unless you are 125% certain, preface your answer with words such as, “In my opinion …”, or “I believe . . .” or “I’m not sure but I think…” or “We might try something like …” Phrases such as these soften the recommendation and does not put the other person in defense mode. People hate pushy, know-it-alls and really appreciate helpful advice/suggestions where they feel they have an opportunity to participate in the decision.

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John Gray, who wrote the #1 international bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, now has an incredible book out on audio, “Mars and Venus in the Workplace” which analyzes the differences in the ways men and women misunderstand and misinterpret each other in the workplace, and offers advice such as:

Increase performance by giving you the tools to improve communication, promote teamwork, and enhance working relationships.

Increase productivity by providing a greater awareness and appreciation of the diverse characteristics within each of us -- and how these differences can positively or negatively affect productivity.

Increase effectiveness by empowering you to overcome frustration and resolve conflict in difficult communication situations.

Increase morale by utilizing interactive techniques that will promote respect and build trust.

Trust me … a great read.

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