Hands tied behind your back & whipped cream …

Imagine 18 boys lined up in two lines, wearing nothing but their bathing suits. Hands are tied behind their back … and on a card table are two paper plates filled with whipped cream and gummy worms slithering among the white velvety cream. On your mark, get set, GO! The boys see how many gummy worms they can get in their mouth, then devour the whipped cream and spit the gummy worms into a bowl. Whoever has the most gummy worms in the bowl wins!

It’s 12:06 A.M. with my American Express card on the desk, and I am quickly and effeciently shopping for my son’s birthday, getting party favors ordered, and planning all events.

I am determined NOT to fight traffic, parking lots and rude people, nor will I wait in line for even a second.

My son will soon be the proud owner of ZOOB . . . an awesome gift where kids can build a 12 Wheeler Flatbed, Gear Getter, Outback Cruiser, ZOOB Duster, Lunar Rover, Mach 5, Moon Unit Raker, Racer, Speed Runner, Supersonic Stinger, Tri-Sonic Cruiser, ZOOB Buggy, ZOOBster

Another gift I bought was an Eagle Canyon Rail Jigsaw (200 pieces) puzzle and an After the Flood 500 piece Jigsaw puzzle.

I love giving kids puzzles because puzzles are challenging but also allows kids to become totally self-absorbed --without needing “Mommy” to help. The next gift I bought was a Rush Hour traffic jam game. Kids have to figure out how to move cars out of the traffic jam, with 3 different levels of difficulty.

I used some ideas for outdoor kids party games and came up with:

1) Balloon Stomp

2) Jump Rope Relay

3) Hot Potato

4) Water Balloon Toss

5) Pass the Sand:

6) Toss n' Soak:

7) Scavenger Hunt:

8) Crazy Ball

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