Hurricane Preparations – and for what?

Some people either get it … or don’t. It infuriates me to see so many Floridians unprepared, who don’t plan, who wait till the last minute, or who say, “What the heck, I’ll just take my chances, and who have young kids to protect” Why? Because those who don’t plan early are lazy, inconsiderate and stupid. Yes, these are very harsh words, but Americans need to wake up and take action … stop relying on the government to provide everything after a hurricane hits.

I was watching the ABC news of Hurricane Ernesto yesterday, and Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez said that they received 30,000 calls as of 9 am yesterday, and the most frequent question was “Where will the water distribution facilities be located?” For God sakes, this is BEFORE the storm ever hit! The mayor chuckled and said, “Please make sure you have at least 72 hours of water stored”.

Lets face it; Americans are, for the most part, lazy and constantly shrugging their own responsibilities. They simply don't prepare!

My young daughter summed it up at 3:00 AM this morning when she woke me to ask, “Where is the hurricane.” I told her it never came, that it “dissipated” and was nothing more than a drizzle. Being the brilliant, smart and observant kid that my daughter is, she said, “Mommy, it’s still a good thing that we prepared, just in case.”

My family stores all our hurricane supplies on the inside of a 10 gallon Igloo water cooler that we bought at Target.

We shove first aid supplies, batteries, flashlights, cans, emergency radios, etc. We stick it in a closet for 10 months out of the year, and then right before a hurricane, we fill it up in the bathtub with water. We have a few of these. Why waste the money and stand in long lines at the grocery store? This year, we also bought a 3300 watt generator for only $399.00 , and bought an electric skillet, which will allow us to cook, fry, sauté, and warm.

Living in South Florida and being a Hurricane Andrew survivor … I have learned the hard way to plan … and be self-sufficient and not to rely on the government for basic items. I think we all should adhere to this.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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