Finally . . . she's satisfied

Customer service takes on a "new" meaning when it comes to executive Lior Sher, President of Nexstep. Lior has perfected "customer service" and taken it one step further than I ever would have believed, if it were not told to me by my ecstatic mother - an amputee.

My Mom is a pain in the butt, sometimes. She is a perfectionist that expects products to be perfect. She expects people to do as they say, She expects product to be shipped on time. She expects if there will be a delay ... to inform her PRIOR to the original delivery date. She expects that when she asks questions, that the world will not sleep until someone has discovered the answer, or better yet, the perfect solution.

My Mom is an amputee, and has been for the past 15 years. She doesn’t like to use her prosthesis any more so relies soley on getting around with crutches. Some women collect shoes, Mom collects crutches. Well, she doesn’t actually collect them; she keeps trying new ones which end up in her closet because “they’re just not right”. I got a call today at my office, my Mom was euphoric. She just received her 9th pair of crutches.

What's different?

After searching stores, catalogs and you name it, she came upon the ZGrutch . She had previously seen an earlier model that was too heavy for her and had contacted the president and CEO of Nextstep Mobility, Lior Sher, to see if there was a lighter model available. Ms. Sher was so extremely helpful and advised Mom that her company was in the process of introducing a new Lite ZCrutch and would keep her updated. And update her she did. She was in constant contact with Mom via email and sent her the first pair of the crutches (after they were inspected for quality assurance, etc.).

Upon receiving the crutches and adjusting them to fit just right, Mom emailed Lior Sher to tell her how delighted she was with them—even the color—maroon-- and to ask some questions. Talk about follow up and customer satisfaction, Ms. Sher immediately called Mom to discuss her questions –which she answered completely. Yes, the hand grips are latex free (as are the underarm pads) and yes, and at a future date, she could order replacement crutch tips, hand grips and underarm pads. Outstanding customer service made one amputee very happy -- my Mom.

Not only is Mom happy, she’s so impressed with the consideration and follow through of Lior Sher. I am too. Not long ago I blogged about customer service and satisfaction. Nextstep Mobility is certainly a shinning example of how to do things right. My congratulations (and thanks) to Ms. Sher!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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