Shaving cream all over his body still didn’t change his attitude

Imagine this … a 16 year old teenage boy, having his entire body slathered in shaving cream, with cheese balls being tossed frantically at him to see which ones will stick … and he’s still “way cool."

Why, because he looked like a million bucks. Sporting his ultra stylish swim trunks, a headband (for boys … the latest trend) and an ankle bracelet.

After the birthday party where he was hired to act as a life guard/helper, he changed into a muscle shirt, shorts and went outside to shoot some baskets.

DrJays has one of the largest selection on designer teenage boys apparel that I have ever seen, and on their website, you can search by designer brand.

I bet anything that with the $$$ he earned helping me with my son's birthday party -- he will go directly online and buy more trendy clothes to impress the girls!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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