Sink or swim

This past Christmas vacation and New Years, we did the big donut (nothing)! I was a bit bummed throughout the entire holiday. Call me a spoiled brat, but I like traveling around X-mass and Hanukah and New Years. It’s all my fault; I kept asking my beloved husband, “What do you want to do?” He never would make up his mind, or was too busy with work to ever give me his undivided attention. On December 22nd, he said, let's plan a vacation. I was too exhausted by then ... all the "good deals" were gone, so we stayed home during Christmas break and did nothing!

This year will be much different. I'm planning a HUGE surprise for my whole family. I booked a cruise without even so much as a discussion with my husband. Yes, a 7 day, exciting, expensive, lavish cruise with the kids on one of the big, new ships. Cruises make great family vacations ... but book now for Christmas break.

Heck, with what I’ve seen this year, and the number of funerals, hospitalizations and horrible news I’ve received from family, friends and people my age, I figure “go for it!” You only live once

My kids have been begging me for 3 years to go on a cruise. My one daughter has a friend who’s gone 5x (she has a very wealthy grandma who spoils her to no end). The ship we booked is brand new, and has every imaginable comfort onboard. I’m betting on the on-board wave machine that allows you to surf (this certainly should win some brownie points with my husband, as he is an avid wind-surfer and surfer). Lot’s of cruise booking agencies can help you sort through all the choices of ship types and destinations, such as I Want a Cruise, or My Cruise Value sites are extremely helpful and knowledgable. And NOW is definetely the time to book a cruise for Christmas and the holiday season.

I plan on buying a miniature model of the ship (you know, about 2” in length) and gift-wrapping it, along with the tickets. As my kids open the gifts, how can my husband refuse THEM as they jump up and down, so excited, and begin to scream, “Oh Mommy, I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise ship? Thank you!”  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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