Did God forget amputees?

As I’ve blogged often about my own Mom, who is an amputee, I sent her this hot and quite controversial blog about “Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?” My own mother’s response is the best … this is probably one of the reasons I love her SOOOOOOO much . . .

My Mom wrote, “Leslie: It would take a theologian to answer this! Did you see how long it is?! If you want to comment, then I would suggest that you say something to the effect that even though over six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, most did not forsake their God—nor did the families of those killed on 9/11. Just because there are stories of miraculous healings, it doesn’t mean God has forsaken a particular group of individuals, namely amputees. Some might say that He has given man/woman the ability to help amputees—space age prosthetics; and who knows what the future will bring? Perhaps the ability to graft new limbs? So the whole idea of God being a fake because He’s ignored amputees is a ridiculous concept.”

I love the fact that my Mom is so bright, and get’s right down to the point of things. And yes, even at my old age, I still refer often and frequently to my Mom for her advice.

The article I referenced above states in summary, "No matter how many people pray, no matter how often they pray, no matter how sincere they are, no matter how much they believe, no matter how deserving the amputee, what we know is that prayers do not inspire God to regenerate amputated legs. This happens despite what Jesus promises us in Matthew 21:21, John 14:14, Mark 11:24, etc." It's a pretty ridiculous article.

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Look... If orthopedists design prosthetic limbs, THAT IS BY NO MEANS A WORK OF GOD. I want to see your mother growing back her lost limb, just like a lizard grows back his tail. Then Atheists like me can shut up!!! I get angry when people come and give arguments like "ohh it's not part of God's plan" or "That would be too obvious!" or "God does heal amputees, by inspiring orthopedists to come up with knew technology for amputees to live a better life"


It hurts my soul to know that some people have no hope for a cure, while some (like cancer patients, or people with deadly tumors) get miracles. Do these people deserve to suffer????

No offense, but I think you may be missing the point. The question about amputees is posed because many people believe that prayers are answered and that people are miraculously cured by God.

The question then posed to these people is, "why are the only ones you claim to be healed by God the ones we cannot *prove* were or were not healed by God." Why not an amputee, whose regrowth would be an undeniable miracle, never healed.

I know the bible never said amputees would be healed, the argument is not against the bible so much as against a common belief in miraculous cures.

I've heard the answer that it would be too obvious then, and God wants us to have faith. That whole faith thing seems like a cop out on providing proof.

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