Get out of the dog house

Our clients never cease to amaze me ... creativity, public relations blitzes, combined with a heartwarming animal lovers rescue mission ... all rolled into one. And yes, it’s a catalog company that’s behind this very clever marketing campaign.

And I love it ... Get Out Of The Dog House is a video contest whereby customers use dinner gifts from GourmetStation to get out of the dog house. Maybe you forgot your partner’s birthday, or forgot and never returned your neighbor’s power tools, or spilled coffee on your co-worker’s report. You messed up .. big time and landed in the Dog House.

Tell your story in a 2 minute video of how you got into the dog house and how you got out of the dog house. Win prizes worth up to $1,099 that will get you out of the dog house and keep you out of the dog house!

Plus, they are aiming directly at the hearts of animal lovers with their $10 donation to the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation, a grass roots organization with the mission of rescuing Borzoi (Russian Wolfhounds) from distress situations and finding the right homes for these deserving dogs.

My hats off to Donna Lynes-Miller, the founder of GourmetStation. This typifies how catalog companies need to “think out of the box” and adapt to fun and challenging ploys to capture market share in the ever competitive direct mail and on-line shopping industry.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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