I hate scrapping a charred bagel!

I have just about had it! No, I’m not just a little upset … I’m very upset. We just broke our 3rd toaster oven in my house. I just hate it when one side of my cinnamon raisin bagel is burnt, and the other side still partially frozen (I keep my bagels in the freezer).

So I just bought myself a modern and contemporary chrome looking toaster oven, with built in broil, real temperatures going up to 400 degrees, and the most amazing part … a “keep warm” setting. It’s from Kitchen Universe. It was priced great for what you get. No longer do I need to turn on my double Thermador convection oven (that holds about two 14 pound turkeys in one oven) to warm 20 chicken nuggets.

I told my husband, “Look honey, think of the $$$ we’ll save on electricity” as he balked at the $79.95 price tag. The normal retail price was $140, on sale, with FREE Shipping! I think I got a great deal!

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