Music lessons in public schools

It’s a real tragedy, but public schools throughout the nation have cut funding among most in-school music programs. There is little, if any, emphasis put on how music lessons in pulic schools help kids improve in areas of focus, math and general overall intelligence. There is even less funding for band instruments, such as trumpets, electric guitars or saxophones.

Lot’s of hype has occurred over the last decade about the “Mozart Effect” and yet continued research shows that listening and studying music has a positive affect on intelligence, mental health, and even increasing your immune system.

So as a parent, it infuriates me that schools have cut funding? As I’ve written before, I’m very involved in programs and symphonies that bring music, for FREE, into the public schools. Just yesterday, my kids enjoyed a four-piece brass ensemble. They learned about classical composers such as Bach, Beethoven, & Strauss as they listened to a trumpet and a saxaphone. They then learned about how jazz was originally created from Africa, and perfected in New Orleans. They heard great clips from Louis Armstrong. The kids loved it. Though it was in the lunchroom cafeteria with horrible acoustics (and the assembly lasted only 50 minutes), the kids were exposed to music. I watched and smiled as they swayed to the beat and tapped their feet to the rhythm.

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