Sexy workout tops and stretch leggings are the rage at 6 a.m.

How do these women do it? I arrive at the health club at 6 a.m. and they’re wearing color-coordinated skimpy exercise spandex stretch tops with matching leggings. They have lipstick on and eyeliner, and diamond stud earrings. The latest trend among elite health clubs is wearing color-coordinated footwear that matches your outfits.

I, on the other hand, desperately need to go shopping. The other day, I dragged myself out-of-bed and pulled on a 7-year-old t-shirt with a hole around the collar (I think it was bleached too much). I wore zero make-up, and in-between lifting weights; I snag the “sleep” out of my eye and wipe it on my 10-year-old black comfortable Nike pants.
I basically left the health club not feeling great about myself.

Fast forward to the next day … I wore a very stylish Ralph Lauren matching top and pant set, managed to swipe lipstick on at the traffic light, and as I lifted weights over my head and checked out my own pectoral muscles and bicuspids in the mirror, I felt revitalized and reenergized. I had a great day.

Take note woman … if you dress the part … you’ll have a better workout, feel better about yourself, and start your day knowing that you’re putting your best foot forward. And realistically, it takes the exact same amount of time to pull over your head a new colorful stylish top as it does a 7 year old torn t-shirt.

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