Times Square, South Beach & Monopoly- Here and Now Edition

I think it is absolutely fabulous that the board game Monopoly has finally caught up with the 21st century. Since Monopoly was first introduced in 1935--in the midst of the Great Depression – it was a game about building business empires.

The game actually has two sides … on one hand it encourages the player to acquire vast amounts of real estate. On the other, it portrays business as not ethical, somewhat criminal (jail time). My husband grew up playing Monopoly, and it's the ONLY game he consistantly wins, and wins and wins (it's so infuriating playing against him!)

The latest version screams of capitalism. Starbucks coffee, McDonald’s French fries, Motorola cell phones, Toyota Prius, or New Balance sneakers. What amazes me, as a true marketer, is that these companies DID NOT pay for this incredible FREE advertising and promotion. Be still my heart … with over 250 million games sold in the past, and the amount of publicity and consumer attention this new game is getting … it’s worth gold for these companies. Gosh, I wish they had used Catalogs.com as a property.I wonder what we’d be worth?

I love the new properties in Atlantic City, which now include real estate from around the country, selected by online vote. I know CNN had a big polling and vote, where consumers could vote for the best and most current properties.

The end result ... the railroads have become airports, hyperinflation has set in--for passing Go, you collect $2 million--but Times Square is a bargain at $4 mil, and you can buy the White House for a mere $3.2 million.

Time had a recent article today about capitalism. I thought, personally, that it was a bit negative, but then I am a born marketer and advertiser and realize, from a business prospective, what enormous public relations Hasbro is achieving. My hat is off to Hasbro's marketing guru's.

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