Feisty and independent – a recipe for life

Feisty and independent – a recipe for life

“Where the hell are my @#4f! crutches?”

“I don’t want any damn nurse helping me bathe or go to the bathroom”

“How dare you tell me that I can’t drive- I’ve been driving longer than you’re alive”

Most of us would curl into a ball and want to hide under a couch if spoken to in this fashion. But not ME! I’m loving every ear piercing scream.

You see, I’m writing about my own mother’s recent visit to the hospital. She underwent a very serious surgery, and came out screaming (not in pain, so much, but rather in shouting for her independence, her control, her identity). When elderly people give up on life, they often vegetate, let people wait on them too much, and eventually concede that they must be reliant on others.

Not my Mom. After undergoing major surgery and still in the surgical recovery area, the cardiologist comes up to her and the first words out of her mouth were “Hey doc, how’s your ankle?” During our pre-op clearance, we had to meet and be examined by a cardiologist who happened to have his leg in a cast from the knee down. Instead of my Mom focusing on her own issues, she was concerned for others. My Mom … what an extraordinary woman!

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