Female pay disparity lends to “pushy and aggressive” behavior

Who wants to date a “pushy broad” or an “assertive cat” or a woman with the “tenacity of a bulldog”?

I can answer that, personally … many! Though I don’t care much for the stereotyped name-calling, I contend that proper aggressiveness to “win your case” and used at the right time with the right voice inflection and tone can be quite effective. Let’s face it, female executives often have to try harder than their male counterparts to get a proposal passed, to gain acceptance of a new campaign, or to get their recently proposed budget passed in full. It is not fair, but then life is not fair (if it were, God would have let men have babies and periods!).

And don’t think that I’m some soured, scorned, grumpy woman who feels that men are worms. Quite the contrary, I absolutely adore and love men (rather now that I’m married, I should rephrase that and say “man”.) But I am all too familiar with alarming facts and statistics. . .

Female pay disparity -- when famale executives are paid INCREASINGLY less than their male counterparts while handling the same responsibility.

According to a 2005 salary survey, the wage gap between men and women appears to have grown. While average salary for males in executive management grew from $99,327 in 2003 to $109,042 in 2005, the average salary for females in this job category slipped from $75,129 in 2003 to $71,561 in 2005. Our female executive management respondents this year not only earned an average $37,481 less than their male colleagues, they earned $3,564 less than the average for women in this category in 2003.

I can't believe the outrageous pay gap. According to the National Association for Female Executives 2004 Salary Survey, the pay gap costs women $30,000 a year on average. This can cost up to $500,000 over a career (Business and Professional Women, 2005) relative to men in similar positions. Further, this disparity transcends industry, age and ethnicity

Check out these nauseating figures from the National Association for Female Executives 2004 Salary Survey

Examples of Female pay disparity:
$85,375 - Female
$119,314 - Male

Accountants (1-5 years experience)
$72,534 - Female
$94,314 - Male

Advertising Account Executive
$49,000 Female
$56,000 - Male

Allergists or Immunologists
$190,983 - Female
$254,289 - Male

CEO, Health Care
$152,673 - Female
$195,783 - Male

$73,476 - Female
$84,188 - Male

Government/Lobbying, Nonprofit
$73,907 - Female
$96,655 - Male

Neurological Surgeons
$337,031 - Female
$487,000 - Male

Reference Librarian, 0-5 years experience
$38,399 - Female
$39,958 - Male

Retail Store Sales
$19,864 - Female
$31,148 - Male

$42,848 - Female
$46,956 - Male

Few men are able to juggle raising children; doing grocery shopping and pulling in a nice income (while holding the family core values together.) Men are typically good at one or two of these areas simultaneously, but all 4, I don’t think so. Business Week sums it up quite well.

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