Halloween Games for Kids

Trick or treat, smell my feet . . . give me something good to eat!

Halloween parties are great fun, and Halloween games for kids gives parent the right to be extremely creative. The scarier, the more gruesome, the better.

My all time favorite Halloween game for kids is:

Take cooked spaghetti, store bought rubber eyeballs, place inside a large aluminum bowl with just a bit of warm water to the spaghetti, and blind fold the kids as they stick their hands in the brains. (Make sure the bowl is covered so no kids waiting their turn peak at what’s inside).

Then, award each kid a fun prize. Halloween party favors are always fun, one of my favorites (aside from candy) is a light up black and orange suction cup ball, the Frightened Fingers Halloween game for kids, where kids have to feel behind a game board and determine what’s behind it, Monster Finger puppets and red plastic fang whistles. All these fun games and favors can be found & ordered online (get FREE shipping on orders over $60)

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