Wedding shower surprise

Never in my 40++ years have I ever experienced a wedding shower like I did at a posh estate on a Sunday afternoon, as women ate and drank mimosas like there would be no tomorrow! Everything was going along status quo, you know, the usual (shower games, food, mimosas, chit-chat, opening of gifts).

Suddenly, a 5-foot short prankster jumps into the middle of the living room as my friend was opening gifts. Wearing a dark blue suit, a scary rubber facemask with a creepy 7-inch embedded smile, an imitation gun, and a homemade dildo made from black stockings. The prankster stands in the middle of the room, swings the dildo back-and-forth and then JUMPS on top of my friend and starts dancing and thrashing back and forth. We all scream, laugh, and everyone is watching horrified yet laughing the whole time.
You see, the prankster forgot and left her ponytail hanging out from behind the mask. A wedding shower surprise that no one was expecting!

I really envy woman with spunk, courage and creative guts! It ended up being my friend’s future sister-in-law. The prankster removed the mask, took a much deserving bow, and said, “Welcome to our family.”  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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