My Co-Workers won’t even look at me

Lately I’ve notice my co-workers eyes have been avoiding me. I walk over to the refrigerator, and silence overcomes the room after it was once a buzz. I reach for the bite-size snickers candy and quietly sneak two into my mouth. Once again, a few heads shake in disgust.

10:30 pm last night, my hair is pulled back in a ponytail, no make-up, all the kids are in bed and my husband hears me grunting and sighing as I stand in my closet, attempting to zip a stunning floor length evening gown which I purchased 1 year ago. The tags still dangling on the dress. The side zipper beneath my armpit remains 1 inch apart.

Fast forward to this morning, frantically, I’m at the office searching for a crash diet. Of course I know this will not permanently be the answer for me to keep 10 – 15 pounds off, but I’m desperate. Our youngest, most immature (yet probably the most physically fit) employee tells me “try the cabbage soup diet, all the movie stars use it.”

Hence, 1 day before Thanksgiving, and I’m planning my crash diet. I figure, the day AFTER Thanksgiving will be my start. I’ll keep you posted. I weighed in, today (and there is NO WAY I’m revealing my true weight on this blog) but I will keep you posted as to the weight loss.

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