Dinner cruise with VIPs

I looked Jesús Díaz Jr (ex-CEO of the Miami Herald Media Co. and publisher of The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald) straight in the eye and told him I “HATE ACCOUNTING” after he had informed me that he was a senior managing partner of Ernst & Young in his early days. Now that takes guts (and I promise… that was before all the Tanqueray gin and tonics I drank). Then I went on further and told both him and his lovely wife that if it weren’t for my loathing of accounting, and my inability to grasp credits and debits at the young age of 18 … that I would never have met my husband. You see, I met my husband ONLY because I needed help studying for an accounting test and I saw this cute hunk in the college library ... studying the same chapter I was.

A few minutes later, I casually strolled up to the CEO and President of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Adam Goldstein and listened intently as Adam boasted with pride at his own son’s compassion and tenderness. You see, Adam explained to me that while he was traveling to get the newest Freedom of the Seas ship ready, that he took his son on travels to parts of the world where poverty, sickness and famine were prevalent. He allowed his young son to be exposed to the “real world” and he instilled core values of helping others in need, and how most people don’t live a lavish lifestyle. Interestingly, our career accomplishments are so vastly different (Adam being the CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises ) and me, well. . . However, though our income level must be vastly different, we are both concerned parents who are trying to teach our children right from wrong. In some respects, Adam and I have a lot in common.

What a wild and fun Saturday night! My husband and I just cruised up and down Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach, Florida on a 135' foot luxury yacht -- a dinner cruise with VIPs. We were among Miami’s elite, on a marketing extravaganza that puts all other marketing vehicles (16 page glossy brochures or TV commercials) to shame.

A party yacht in Miami … what better way for the owners of the Carrousel Yacht to promote and advertise their product? I asked my friend (whose name also is Leslie) “why are you throwing such a lavish party?” and she confidently explained, “What better way to get 25-30 CEO’s of major South Florida corporations under one roof with no phones and no means to leave early, other than jumping ship!” She delivered a 10++ party, amazing 5 star cuisine (including lobster, shrimp, duck, beef tenderloin), sexy girls in red leather jumpsuits and black fishnet stockings, dancing, and an incredible Russian vodka bar with 3 foot high martini glasses filled with raspberries and blackberries.

And at the end, Leslie tactfully thanked all her guests and allowed her Vice President of Sales to give a quick but concise pitch as to why your next event (bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, corporate gathering or celebration) should be on only the Carrousel Yacht.

Her sales message was heard loud and clear, and the lasting memories will be discussed among many a board meeting and business meeting to come. Smart marketing! My hats off to her.

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