QuickBooks tutoring – sign me up

I’m so excited; tomorrow I will have my first meeting with a “potential” consulting firm who specializes in integrating QuickBooks with existing databases, with the hope of eventually streamlining Catalogs.com’s accounting practices.

Personally I HATE accounting, invoicing, collections, credit memo’s, credit card merchant services, etc. The only part I really enjoy about QuickBooks is when we “receive payments.”

Other than “receive payment” just give me sales and marketing … my true passions. Of course, all business owners and entrepreneurs must be intimately involved in the financial and accounting practices of a company, but what I’m really looking forward to in tomorrow’s meeting is how we can
1. Become more efficient
2. Integrate QuickBooks with our existing database of clients with the goal of automating monthly billing
3. Putting in place more checks and balances
4. Allowing ME more free time to blog, be creative, and talk with our customers

All too often, executives get buried in excruciating detail. We get buried in the non-important day-to-day problems and fires to be put out, and we often forget to “step back” look at the big global picture, strategize about making huge differences in revenue, operations, customer service. Instead we worry about the graphic image of a banner, rework the image 15 times until we think it’s perfect, and then loose sight of the big goal … drive qualified traffic, achieve increased sales, improve our service.

I’ll let you know how our meeting went.

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